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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Dario and I'm a freelance Software Developer from Hamburg, Germany who want to build cool and useful software and apps.

Since 2013 I developed and release a buch of apps and games for Android and iOS, most of them as part of Tiny Roar.

What am I working on?

Let me introduce you Hashtag Buddy, an Instagram hashtags generator.

I believe in improving the process of finding Instagram hashtags. To bring the same quality of hashtags used by large influencer agencies to everyone, I built this app on a base of big data-sets and powerful algorithms to analyze Instagram's latest, most successful content and want to form the best possible User Experience around it.

Why am I working on it?

Just for having some fun! :)

What's coming next

My ideas are endless. I would love to build everything now. But first, I have to improve the Instaq app and collect and evaluate feedback. But I have some fancy influencer agengy toolsets and statistics in mind. To be continued...