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Legal & Privacy

Legal Notice

Hashtag Buddy App
developed by:
Dario D. Müller

Brunckhorstweg 3
22525 Hamburg
USt-ID: DE 320 408 679
E- Mail:

Privacy Policy

I. Collecting Informations

To provide the products, we must process information about you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our products.

II. What data is stored?

Users may submit public or private information while using the Hashtag Buddy App via form fields, clicking through the provided functionality, other interactive inputs, or through integrations with third party providers.

Collected data include informations like:

III. Why does Hashtag Buddy App store data?

We collect data for a number of reasons.

IV. How is my data stored?

We store and process data both internally and on cloud servers provided by external provider Google. All your data will be stored inside the EU. Communication between your device and our servers will be encrypted. Stored data will be encrypted if necessary.

To keep your data save, we don't share them with unnecessarily many 3rd party services. For example we didn't use any third party analytics software. Every service except Image Recognition will be handled to use 1st party services like in-house software.

V. Third Parties

Hashtag Buddy App rely on the following third parties:

VI. Contact